PC Agent 6.6

Download Free PC Agent 6.6

Record and monitor user activity being invisible with PC Agent.

PC Agent would let you monitor and record the user activities and store encrypted data in log-files. The log files can be send either by Internet or by local network where as the monitoring would be completely invisible, the activities like keystrokes, passwords, mouse clicks, file operations, printer, scanner, modem, removable media, power state, visited web sides, screenshots, user login, clipboard and emails can be easily monitored & recorded by the PC Agent.

Here are some major features of PC Agent

Encodes and compresses log-files before sending:

· Send log-files to a shared resource or to a e-mail address

· Send all logged activities additionally to a monitoring server

· Starts with schedule

· Selectively user monitoring

· Send with schedule

· Absolutely invisibly

Recorded activities:

· Keystrokes and passwords

· Mouse clicks

· File operations

· Clipboard

· RAS connections

· User logons

· Power state

· Visited web sides

· Sent data via HTTP-POST and HTTP-authentications

· FTP-authentications and FTP-commands

· Sent and received emails and News as well as authentications

· Messenger message history.
· The program cannot be protected with a password

· Nag screens

Download Free Softwares Only on DownloadSoftwarez.Blogspot.com

File Size:8.89 MB

Download Technique


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