Bino 3D Player 1.4.0

Download Free Bino 3D Player 1.4.0

Bino 3D Player can easy solution for the 3D movies, You can even play your 2D movies into 3 Dimentions

Bino 3D Player has Other advanced features include scriptability, automatic support for high precision color input and output, and support for using two camera devices simultaneously. Bino supports basic and advanced multi display video output options. For basic multi display output, all displays must be connected to the same computer and run in fullscreen mode. This is useful for video walls or 3D projection systems that use separate projectors for the left and right view.

For advanced multi display output, Bino can use the Equalizer framework for parallel and distributed OpenGL rendering.
Equalizer can manage very flexible setups across multiple hosts, graphics cards, and/or displays. This is useful for larger display installations, for example large Powerwalls or Virtual Reality laboratories.

Download Free Softwares Only on

File Size:10.7 MB


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