CoolPreview | Add Ons For Preview Link Before The Click

In the past I‘ve ever shared the add ons to enhance the look of Firefox with FoxTab. Now I will share the add ons that are called CoolPreview. Cekidot,,

CoolPreview is a firefox add ons which has a function to display the preview links of links that we want, before you actually click on the link.

CoolPreview use the fig:

  1.   Download and install add-ons CoolPreview
  2.  Click the icon CoolPreview (lower right corner)
  3. Klik “user preferences”
  4.  “Show the preview windows when you :”
  5. Klik Save

Features :

  • Preview web links, images, and videos without leaving your current page or tab.
  • Automatically subsearch Google, Wikipedia, and others
  • Temporarily bookmark items to the right column with our unique “stacks” feature
  • Instantly send links to friends and family with just a click.
  • Effortlessly scroll Google Image search results on an “infinite 3D Wall” (Cooliris addon required).

Fully Customizable :

  • Control how the preview window opens, i.e. speed, activation method, etc.
  • Control the sensitivity of the preview window
  • Toggle previews on/off on any specific site (click our icon on your browser status bar)
  • Many more …

Download CoolPreview Add-On


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