Detailed Tutorial Learning Coreldraw Free 11, 12, X3, X4, X5, X6 create layouts and design work as well as free-free CorelDRAW, Now this time I will give you tips on how to create a stamp design
The first step for a circular object with a diameter of 35 mm

Copy the circle, then immediately change its diameter to 23 mm

Well, now create a guide for the text, copy again a small circle shape and change the diameter to 25 mm, red berries, how to right click on the red color on the color palette

Now we only need 3/4 of all the red circle, then activate the red circle on the property bar select Arc shape

Use the Shape Tool to draw a circle like the angle of the picture

Create a guide to the text below, by copying the red circle, then the shape tool drag the corners like the following:

Now Type Text: CV. WAHANA JAYA COMPUTER, I use Font type: IMPACT: Size: 12
Enable it and click the menu TEXT >> Fit Text To Path, then click the red circle above

For the text of the bottom of the same principle with the above, type the text “Langkat”

Remove the red color in the circle guide, by way of on / click gluide using shape tool and then, right-click the icon on the top in color paletee

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