Kon-Boot [Bypass Windows Login Passwords]

Download Free Kon-Boot [Bypass Windows Login Passwords]

Kon-Boot for Windows enables logging in to any password protected machine profile without without any knowledge of the password. This tool changes the contents of Windows kernel while booting, everything is done virtually – without any interferences with physical system changes. So far following systems were tested to work correctly with Kon-Boot:

Windows Server 2008 Standard SP2 (v.275)
Windows Vista Business SP0
Windows Vista Ultimate SP1
Windows Vista Ultimate SP0
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise
Windows XP
Windows XP SP1
Windows XP SP2
Windows XP SP3
Windows 7

How to use Kon-Boot:
Kon boot can either be burned on a CD or put on a USB stick or put on a Floppy disk
Kon-Boot is less then 100kb in file size so don’t panic about the size.
If your using it off a CD put the CD into the computer with the password protected Windows Login make sure the computer is set to boot from CD in the BIOS a screen like the picture above will display and then get to the Windows login screen simply press ‘ENTER’ and bypass the Windows login screen and go straight to the desktop.

Great thing about Kon-Boot is it leaves no traces and doesn’t edit or remove the password on the computer you can reboot the computer after you have logged into it and the owner of the computer will have no ideal anyone was on it.

Download Free Softwares Only on Downloadsoftwarez.Blogspot.com

File Size:1.84 MB




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