Windows 7 Activator

Download Free Windows 7 Activator All in one


– This activator works with all versions.
– Tested and working on both x86 and x64.
– Works in Virtual Environment.
– Works with dual-boot
– No key is needed for install or activation.
– The activation adds the OEM master key for you.
– “OEM” Brand is left up to end-user. (Unlike other activators that pre-select “Dell” for you)
– No BIOS modification needed.
– It has no text during boot. (Vista activators had this)
– Uses OEM SLP method.
– Supports SLIC and non-SLIC enabled BIOS.
– Emulate a SLIC 2.1 enabled BIOS on a PC without SLIC 2.1 present…
– User friendly.
– Interface has a G.U.I for interaction.

All Brand Logos
clicking on any brand logo will install that brand logo which will be displayed on your computer properties.It is just to make your pc look like a branded has nothing to do with activation.

Remove OEM Branding
it will remove all brand logos that you have installed in step 1.

SLIC 2.1 in BIOS
for all of you who have modded their BIOSes with SLIC 2.1 should click on that button. It will than ask you which cert and key to load.e.g: if you have modded your BIOS with HP SLIC than you should select HP cert from drop down menu.

Activation Status
it will show you the activation status that either your windows have successfully emulated the loader or not. it may be in a .txt format.

Install 7loader
for those who have not modded their BIOSes should click on this button to activate their WIN 7 RTM. it is a software based mod which will make your windows think that it has a SLIC embedded BIOS.

Uninstall 7loader
it will uninstall soft mod that you have done in point 5.

7loader Status
this button tells you whether 7loader is installed or not installed.

– If you have a modded BIOS, instead of clicking “Install 7Loader”.. you can just use the “SLIC 2.1 in BIOS” to install the certificate & key to activate without having to use the loader.

– It is recommended to do a clean install of Windows 7 but not necessary as it has been tested to work with upgrades as well.
– You must remove all modifications made by previous 7Loaders and Orbit30 Win7 Tool Kit (1.8 toolkit was for pre-RTM).
– Disable “UAC” to be safe.

1. Run the ‘7Loader’ on your Windows Partition
2. Select your desired “OEM” Brand
3. Wait for the pop-up to appear
4. Click “Install 7Loader”
5. Wait for the pop-up to appear
6. Press “OK” and PC will reboot once complete

– This activator has been put to the test by me & friends from here!
– Tested on clean installs.
– Tested on upgrades.
– Tested on all versions.
– Tested on both x86 / x64 Systems.
– Passed with flying colors !


Download Free softwares Only on

File Size:6.42 MB


Rapidshare Link

– Only use Second one if you are having trouble with activating
– I include the entire collection (v1.5.4 – v1.5.
– I include a “Restart-Time” Calculator Utility

– Uninstall previous Activators / Do a clean install
– Launch v1.5.8
– Select “Use Beta Loader”
– Press “Install”
– Restart



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